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Photography in our Studio


OUR STUDIO is located in Central Canterbury with Holmans Meadow Car Park  right behind it,  a 5 minute walk from Canterbury East and the bus station directly opposite. From single children to multiple generations, we can accommodate almost any size of family photo shoot.


Photography on Location


For a more casual and personal look we offer photography ON LOCATION, wherever it is in your home or at a location of your choosing such as the beach, in the woods or in a park.


Pet Photography


Pets are our best friends at times, so why not treat yours to a photoshoot? Our photographer will capture a brilliant picture of your furry, feathered or scaly friend that you can cherish forever. Show everyone just how much you love your pet with a PET PHOTOSHOOT.




We believe that it is important that YOUR EVENTS have the best images to evoke a special memory and emotion. We aim to capture the spirit of your special occasion. You can even have a professional portrait taken during the event in our portable studio. You can then view it on screen within seconds, then take away a print there and then as a memento of the occasion.


Passport and Visa photos


We offer short sessions for adult, children and babies PASSPORT photos. It can be hard to get an acceptable passport / visa photo especially of a baby or young child using a passport photo booth. We also shoot photos for non-UK passports and visas which often have different requirements and cannot be achieved using a standard photo booth. All of our passport photos come with this simple guarantee: if you have any problems with your passport photos being accepted we will re-shoot them for free.