These photos were all taking during the summer of  2016, shortly after our return from New York to the UK and have now been published int o a book called 'Home in time for summer'.

I had the time and energy to photograph Frankie to a greater extent than ever before, and she was big enough to be keen to explore her new environment with me in the pleasant summer weather.

The majority of these photos were taken either walking home together from her nursery, at Nethergong campsite or in Harrogate where we spent 5 very pleasant days with our good friends Mark, Claire and daughter Rosy, who is a few months older than Frankie.

Photography quickly became something Frankie and I enjoyed doing together and my camera came everywhere with us, even to take the dog out - Frankie would get quite cross if I forgot it!

I started my photography business in Canterbury at the same time, and while I took a couple of photos in the studio of Frankie that I love, it's the photos taken outside that I really treasure - they are the memories of our daily exploration together in that first summer.

This book is a ‘best of’ from the thousands of photos I took of Frankie during that time.