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planning your session

  • Are there any specific ideas you would like to try? Pinterest can be a great source of inspiration, you are welcome to send us some examples!
  • If you would like a prop or blanket for your shoot, please bring it with you.
  • Always drink plenty of water on the days leading up to your session. The more hydrated you are the better your skin will look. You cannot do this all on the morning of your session -- start a couple of days before!
  • We recommend for everyone coming to the studio to wear something that they would be happy to be photographed in (even if they are not planning to be photographed because its their baby photoshoot) just in case they want to get involved with the shoot! You may change your mind once you are here and then regret not doing your hair etc.
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Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel or re-schedule for any reason, please either contact us via phone or email: 
01227 785022
or alternatively you can send us a message via Facebook: www.facebook.com/frankieandfriendsphotography