Canterbury Squared - Knotts Lane

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Today I thought I'd share a sample of some of the quirky histories that will be contained in this book. I'm only planning to do this once, so if you want to read more you'll have to buy the book!

As recounted in “A Sketch of the Life of that notorious House-breaker, Horse-stealer and Highway-robber, John Kirby, he was traced to a house of ill-repute in Knott’s Lane following the theft of a pair of shoes with silver buckles from a young man called Henry York. These he had secreted under his great coat and then left hidden under a bush on the way to Whitstable. He was finally caught and convicted at Canterbury Castle on 13th January 1789, for stealing four geese, which resulted in his being transported to Australia for seven years. The city of Canterbury was much relieved at the removal of the perpetrator of such heinous crimes.

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