Headshot Session at BNI

I am a member of a business referrals network called BNI.

The basic premise is that we meet up weekly to touch base and tell each other what we're looking for this week, then during the rest of the week we're keeping an ear out for opportunities for the other members, so we all act as an unpaid sales force for each other.

BNI is the largest and most successful organisation of its type in the world with over 200,000 members meeting up every week in over 7000 chapters around the work. On average in Kent, each BNI member gets over £35,000 worth of business referred to them from their BNI colleagues.  If you would like to hear more or attend a BNI meeting in Canterbury please get in touch - we love having guests!

Recently we took our "portable" (it's an entire car-load) headshot studio to BNI to shoot headshots for the other members.