John Adams - Careerz

The second in our Client Focus (get it??) series is John Adams who runs Careez, a recruitment company specialising in the IT sector.  John opted for one of our new Coffee Shop Headshot sessions, which give a completely different look to our studio sessions.

Name: John Adams

Occupation: Owner

Company: Careerz Limited -

Tell us more about you and your career path to date: After a career within FMCG and business development, I realised that my strength and passion was within talent acquisition. After undertaking a campaign to recruit a new employee, I quickly realised that I was a natural at quickly understanding candidate’s motivation and fit for the role in question. Having enjoyed the experience I saw this as a lightbulb moment in that it was my true calling.

Tell us more about your company: Careerz support small to medium sized (SME) companies with the talent acquisition process including defining the requirements, drawing up the job description, supporting the competency based recruitment process, identifying talent, checking contracts and the on-boarding process.

What problems do you consistently solve for your clients? Many SME’s struggle when recruiting talent for a variety of reasons. This may take the form of accepting poor service from suppliers to lacking confidence or experience to implement the necessary recruitment process to make the right decision on who to hire. Implementing a talent acquisition process that is fit for purpose is an activity that is often overlooked by many SME’s and the results of this is often very painful and costly. We work with companies to minimise the risk and ensure the best candidate is hired each and every time.

What are you complimented on most in your work? We are often complimented on our ‘refreshing approach’ which was initially feedback from one of our clients however has now been embraced as our marketing slogan. Having worked internally for a number of global technology companies, I know what hiring managers are looking for and appreciate internal drivers such as cost per hire, time to hire and perhaps most importantly; quality of hire.

Who is your ideal client and why should they connect with you? We work best with companies that take talent acquisition seriously and who are focused and passionate about improving the process. These companies totally get the fact that their ultimate success will be determined by the quality of staff that they can attract so are willing to invest the time and effort in enhancing their approach.  

What are you most passionate about professionally? Personally? As a ‘people person’ I still get a buzz from introducing top talent to my clients and finding candidates their dream roles. I also enjoy spending time with business owners to understand their talent challenges and coaching and working with them to identify solutions. Outside work I enjoy meditation, alternative health and tennis.

What would you do even if you didn’t get paid to do it? It would have to be speaking with people and finding out what makes them tick. With recruitment, the additional step is matching them to vacancies so in this sense, I feel that talent acquisition is a great match.

What are you surprisingly good at? Absolutely everything! Well that's what I unsuccessfully try to tell my children!! I would say that creativity is my biggest strength. I feel my brain is wired to find solutions to everything even when they are not required!  I have also been told I am good at resolving conflict so perhaps I should have been a policeman!

What motivated you to have the photo shoot? As a recruiter and business owner, I appreciate the power of having a strong online presence. I will generally always check out a candidate on the likes of LinkedIn to validate their experience. I personally believe that their online profile is often a reflection of how serious they take their career so when I see a poorly taken photo it does not give a good first impression. Although my previous picture was adequate, I felt motivated to get a more professional, business focused shot so approached Ralph at Frankie & friends.  I have been very happy with the results so have been comfortable to recommend Ralph to friends and candidates.