Canterbury Squared Update + Whitefriars

Those with memories that stretch back a few months (if you have young kids that's a big ask, I know) will remember that we were starting a book project based on Canterbury. All of the profits from the book will be going to Demelza Children's Hospice.

The idea of this project is to take a look at Canterbury in a different way which captures details that most of us simply ignore; each street in Canterbury will be represented by a set of squares of abstract patterns, textures and colours in a 3x3 grid.  

Alone the squares are meaningless, but together they should represent the street in a way that feels familiar and ‘right’ to people who know those streets well.  And just be a pretty collection of abstract parts to those that don't :)

Perhaps you'd even like to see if you can find all the pieces!

By the end of tomorrow we will be finished with our first pass at this project - ie every street will have 9 photos we like (some streets took many visits to get to this stage!!).

We will then print them all off and see what we think of our 3x3 grids as a whole, and during August we will go out to take further photos to replace elements we like least or don't add to the whole. The book will then be going off to print at the end of August / early September.

From now until the end of August we're planning to publish a street a day on our blog and social media to give you a taster of what's in the book.  Please note that these are the 'first drafts' or each street - they are still subject to change and improvement throughout August.

For those that want to get involved and get themselves a signed first edition copy of the book, we will be running a Kickstarter campaign some time in the middle of August to raise a little cash towards the publishing costs.


Canterbury Squared is sponsored by Dynamix Accountancy