Quick Tip: Make a plan

This is the first in a series of quick 5 minute photography mini-articles.

Sabina takes Frankie to nursery every day, and I pick her up. The walk home gives me half an hour of photo taking time, but only if I can come up with something constructive to be doing, There's no point waiting for something exciting to happen on the walk that we do every day - it just won't, or at least not with enough regularity that it would inspire me to carry my camera.

Given that it's mid-summer, it's a great time to photograph kids and puddles!

When we woke up the other day, I noticed that it had been raining overnight. I decided to try to take some photos of Frankie and puddles on the way home so I asked Sabina to make sure Frankie wore her wellies to school and took her umbrella with her.

I was planning to have the umbrella in the shots, but I noticed she was uncomfortable jumping while holding it, and after a few photos of her just standing in a puddle it became obvious that we needed to do something more lively.

As soon as I took it from her she leapt over a puddle and I got this shot. I barely had time to take it and it's the best of the series. Sabina loves it and we've ordered a print for the wall.

Either way; the moral of the story is, make a plan, even a simple on and do it. From time to time photos do just turn up while you happen to have a camera in your hand and are looking in the right direction, but more often than not you have to create a photo, not just take it.

Mission for you - come up with a simple plan and go and shoot a short series of 20 or 30 photos.