A luxury I can't now do without

Like most people, I love luxury, but everyone defines luxury in their own way. For some it's an exotic trip, for others the newest gadgets, a fast car, or a huge house. For me it's sensual things; fragrances, delicious food, thick Egyptian cotton towels, high thread count duvets, or a sofa that looks and feels divine.

Photography was never on my list; I would never have considered dragging my daughter to a photography studio to get some better photos of her. Even the concept of 'better' was a bit vague when it came to photography and I can take perfectly reasonable photos myself.

I consider myself very lucky that, being married to Ralph, I get to see such amazing images of Frankie - an experience that I would have missed out on otherwise. 

When I look at the photographs that Ralph takes of Frankie, times stops. I am looking at my child, without the anxiety that in a second there will be more challenges to deal with. This may sound odd, but I can really relax and appreciate her in a way I can't usually in real life. I feel this deepens my connection with her and it's very therapeutic. 

I guess I could compare the experience to how you feel when you look at your child sleeping, but being able to look into her eyes takes it to a whole different level.

I realise now how valuable this feeling is, and I wanted to share my story with other mums who, like I would have been, don't know what they're missing out on.

I fully supported Ralph's decision to leave behind a secure, well paid corporate career to start Frankie and Friends because I really do see the value in what he creates - its now a luxury I can't do without!

Sabina Hope

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